Course Description

In this practical assessment, the candidate’s flight proficiency will be assessed by the Authorised Flight Examiner AFE (UA) on multi-rotor up to 7kg.

To qualify for the Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL Limited to Multi-rotor up to 7kg, candidates must demonstrate confidence and proficiency in UA operations and pass practical assessments.

The UA to be used for the practical assessment will be provided to the candidates. Also, we welcome candidates who wish to be assessed through personal UA.

Course Outcome

  •  Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL Limited to Multi-rotor up to 7kg Only

Course Contents


The practical assessment will only be conducted once the participant have passed the UAPL theory test

Module Licence
UAPL Practical Assessment Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL Limited to Multi-rotor up to 7kg Only


The following are required on the practical assessment date:

  • Original photo identification (i.e. original NRIC/FIN/Passport)
  • Original UAPL (If Any)

Failure to produce any of the above documents on your practical assessment date will not be entertained and will be re-scheduled.

Location & Timing

UAPL Practical Assessment
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Tanglin Rugby Club, 192 Turf Club Road/
Field along Old Holland Road