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Apollo Global Academy

With urbanisation, there is increased emphasis by enterprises and organisations to phase in SMART security and it associated elements. Current SMART security providers do not receive any formal training to understand the various aspects of SMART security implementation and appropriate consideration. sample edit 

Apollo Global Academy is proud to be recognised as a world-class provider of BTEC accredited Security Systems Engineering courses in Singapore.

Apollo Global Academy (AGA) was first mooted in 2017 and formally established in 2019 to meet an emerging requirement as population started to move into urbanised cities.

AGA’s first initiative is to provide learners with an opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge and skills on a comprehensive suite of Surveillance Security Engineering Courseware, thereby making learners a valuable asset and contributor to the security industry in Singapore and beyond.

AGA offers a comprehensive and current range of BTEC accredited vocational qualifications in the field of Security Systems Engineering. Professional qualifications such as these offered at AGA are vital for any individual that is aiming to enter the current security systems sector.

AGA’s uniquely engineered approach to learning: classroom-based lectures, comprehensive course material, interactive activities, hands-on, realistic practical sessions and strong learning support provide learners with the perfect blend to build essential knowledge and skillset, whilst developing an interest to serve in security-related roles in the workplace.

Together with Pearson BTEC, AGA aims to arm each of its learners with the necessary Security Systems Engineering qualifications, thereby allowing each learner to take pride in what they do, and excel in the workplace.

The Security Systems Engineering courseware is delivered at our newly-established training centre at 3 Shan Road, Singapore 328104. The centre is furnished with the latest, current equipment in Security System Technology.