1. What is the requirement of attendance for a learner taking a course at AGA?
    • Learners taking the BTEC courses are required to fulfil a 100% class attendance for each course. Failure to do so will result in failure of completion of the course.
  1. When will the learner know the results of the course.
    • Learners will be taking formal assessments on selected day/s of the course. After completion of the formal assessment, the trainer will mark the completed handouts and provide feedback to each learner. Learners will learn of their attained results then.
  2. What happens if the learner fails the formal assessment?
    • In the case of 1st time failure, Learner may opt to re-take the assessment. If the trainer identifies that the learner lacks the knowledge and skills required for competency, the trainer may recommend the learner to take the course again.
  1. What if the learner has a special reason for missing a lesson or formal assessment?
    • Leave of absence may be granted to the learner for the following reasons:
      • Bereavement of immediate family members.
      • Sudden deterioration of health of the learner or Specific Medical Condition.
      • Urgent specific work matter.
    • If a learner needed to be absent for the above reasons, he/she must contact AGA office as soon as possible and hand in supporting documentary evidence. If accepted, the learner may be allowed to join the next scheduled course date. Consequently, a learner who has no approval from AGA to miss a lesson will be deemed as failing the course. No refund will be made to the learner in such cases.
    • AGA maintains full discretion with regard to the decision to accept the reasoning of absence, and any decision made is taken as final.
  1. When will the learner receive his/her official Pearson certificate for the course taken?
    • For BTEC courses taken by the learner, the official Pearson certificate will be ready for collection a month after the date of completion of the course.
    • Learners will be notified via email from AGA on the dates of collection.
  2. Where can the learner go to explore other courseware and progression pathways?
    • Learners may click the Programmes tab on the AGA website to check out other available BTEC courseware they may be interested in.

For further information on progression pathways, learners may speak to their course trainer or contact the AGA office at fga.info@fondaglobal.com.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to send your enquiries via the contact form or call us at 6661 0680 (ext 338).