Introductory Programme in Cabling Systems 2 Days Course


Duration: 2 days
Award: Pearson Assured Certi cate of Completion in Introductory Programme in Cabling Systems


The course consists of well-balanced theory and practical training to understand the elements of structured cabling and fibre optic systems in data transmission. With the completion of the course, learners will possess the knowledge to install and maintain the cabling systems for modern security systems.

Key Content

  • Describe generic cabling systems
  • Explain the function of network equipment
  • Explain the function of network equipment
  • Describe potential problems when transmitting data
  • Describe the techniques for installing cables

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of  structured cabling systems
  • Understand the structure of data  communication networks
  • Understand communication systems used in data transmission
  • Understand the techniques for installing cabling

Mode of Learning

Primary mode of learning for this course is Face to Face  Classroom session. This will be supplemented with  interactive Practical sessions which serves to connect  newly-learned knowledge with skills with the realities  of the workplace and jobs.


Course Fees
Full Course Fee
$325.91 (with 9% GST)