Introductory Programme in Access Control Systems 2 Days Course


Duration: 2 days

Award: Pearson Assured Certificate of  Completion in Introductory Programme in  Access Control Systems


The course consists of well-balanced theory and practical training to provide a fundamental understanding of the different electronic components that make up access control systems. With the completion of the course, learners will possess the knowledge to install and configure the access control systems for a myriad of access control system applications in the domestic and industrial context.

key content

  • Describe types of doors, gates, turnstiles and locks used in access control systems
  • Explain the use of code and card identification in access control systems
  • Explain the benefits and limitations of the use of biometrics in access control systems
  • Explain the purpose of acess control system servers
  • Explain power supply and cabling considerations in acess control systems

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the use of physical barriers in controlling access
  • Understand the use of identification devices in controlling access
  • Understand system control and software
  • Understand power supply and cabling  in access control systems

Mode of Learning

Primary mode of learning for this course is Face to Face Classroom session. This will be supplemented with interactive Practical sessions which serves to connect newly-learned knowledge with skills with the realities of the workplace and jobs.

Course fees

Course Fees
Full Course Fee
$325.91 (with 9% GST)