Vision Statement

Leading Security Systems Engineering training provider in Singapore and South-East Asia offering effective, high-quality learning experiences for all learners alike. Guided by AGA’s core values, the team strives for continued excellence and aims to keep to the highest possible standards of teaching and guidance for our learners.

Mission Statement

To develop and educate learners who successfully demonstrate technical proficiency and professionalism aligned to latest industry standards, with contributions to the goals of their company.

AGA Values

Maintaining the highest standards of quality at the training centre is paramount for the AGA team. At AGA, we aim to offer industry-aligned programmes that both challenge and interest our learners throughout their chosen course.  The combination of vigorous quality checks and ongoing support from experienced staff and subject matter experts allows the AGA team to remain committed to achieving excellent provision for all of our learners.

In a bid to be an open and transparent training centre, AGA continually provides the latest information and updates to individuals via the official AGA website, marketing materials and company emails. The AGA team welcomes open communication with all learners, we see the value of it in helping the team improve standards of instruction and learning in the classroom, as well asrelated services offered.

The AGA team delivers key training solutions to employers and learners that are tailored to meet specific industry needs, offering excellent value in terms of learning and the significant positive impact on performance and efficiency of the learner in their job role and companies.

BTEC qualifications offered at AGA are well-recognised by employers, universities and Ministries of Education all around the world, with an aim to continue expansion so as to increase employment progression opportunities for all learners.

The AGA trainers are equipped with experience and the expertise to perform their job role. Additionally, the team is kept up to date with the latest industry standards and technology via Continual Development i.e., regular training and attendance of conferences and government initiatives. With significant experience in the Engineering and Security industry in Singapore, the team also understand the practical on-the-ground requirements, and aim to support learners’ job roles with the best possible training and delivery models in the AGA classroom.

The AGA team understands the importance of building a culture of safety and we stand fast in doing whatever possible to minimise risk and provide all learners with a safe environment to learn. We seek the support of all employers and learners to aid us in achieving this key objective.

“Innovation is the change that unlocks new value.”

Innovation is critical for the AGA team, whether it is in the design and delivery of training solutions to integrating new information or relevance to the courseware. The AGA team recognises the dynamic environment that is the business landscape, and how it affects the industry and company, therefore we do see the need to embrace change in order to better prep and equip learners to deal with what lies ahead.